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Jonathan Lavan_picPrepping for the dive...

Jonathan Lavan

Role: Volunteer Fish Survey Project, Program Assistant  for REEF Environmental Education Foundation.

Cropped Big Bear Lake Pic


Kara Reynolds

Role: Assists with Manta Ray tissue & stomach content analysis

Why does she do this?

Kara is an undergraduate at UC San Diego working on her Bachelor’s in Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution. Growing up near the beach, she has always loved and appreciated marine life and hopes to pursue a career in conservation with a focus on endangered or threatened species.


miguel kyla ucsd

Kyla Sorin

Role: Responsible for layout format for new REEF fish and invertebrate identification cards.

Why does she do this? 

“I love Marine Ecology research because I am intrigued by how much we don’t know about the most abundant part of our planet. It is so exciting to constantly see new discoveries being made that affect our understanding of the earth’s past, medicine, and even physics”.

Patricia Villalobos_pic&bio

Patricia Villalobos 

STARS program summer undergraduate student

Role: Estimating egg fertilization rates for tiger and Nassau groupers, laser calibration project for fish length measurements.

Patricia is a Mexican undergraduate student from Tijuana, Baja California and she is currently pursuing her environmental sciences engineering degree at the Instituto Tecnologico de Sonora. When she was little she visited the Birch Aquarium here at Scripps and she automatically fell in love with marine life. She is interested in the field of conservation biology and sustainability, so she is very happy to be joining us in the lab analyzing the current status of Nassau Grouper population through size measurements and egg fertilization rates.


Bethany Fowler

SURF program undergraduate student

Role:  Acoustic recognition program for the fish community of Little Cayman island.

Bethany is an undergraduate at Rice University pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics. She is originally from Rhode Island, but thanks to the Scripps Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) she will be joining us on the West Coast for Summer 2015. During her time here, she will be analyzing passive acoustic data from the Cayman Islands and looking for signs of Grouper vocalization. She hopes to find trends that may be useful in efforts to conserve these Grouper and (ideally) monitor the population’s recovery.


Bio pic

Jarvon Stout

SURF program undergraduate student

Role: Fish ID recognition project for estimating population sizes of Nassau Grouper

Jarvon was born and raised on the island of St. Thomas, in the beautiful U.S Virgin Islands. He is currently a junior in college, majoring in marine biology at the University of the Virgin Islands. As a kid, nature (the ocean in particular) was his first love, and learning about it was his first real passion. That passion got him to where he is  today. This summer he is interning in the lab, helping to develop a working individual identification system for  the critically endangered Nassau grouper, using their unique markings and patterns.